MZ OTR Grotesk

64 Light 64 Light Italic 80 Sleek 80 Sleek Italic 96 Regular 96 Regular Italic 112 Medium 112 Medium Italic 128 SemiBold 128 SemiBold Italic 144 Bold 144 Bold Italic 160 Heavy 160 Heavy Italic 200 Black 200 Black Italic
MZ OTR Grotesk is intended to be a workhorse that performs well in a broad range of applications. The tall x-height, generally wide glyphs, and loose spacing allow for great readability at small sizes. The initial design of the typeface on the other hand experimented with reducing gaps of white space between characters to look tight in display sizes as well as logo design. Designed from a designer for designers, MZ OTR Grotesk is a great addition to every type collection and a versatile tool in a lot of design applications.